Windsong Aviary 

We Raise Awesome Birds!

Site updated April 2, 2021.

Any reservation requires a deposit that is non-refundable in the case of cancellation by customer.  Ask me for the amount.  

We have now retired our last breeding poodle and our male has be neutered.  Its been 15 years of fun but its time to relax more now!!!

Thanks to all those who loved our puppies.  

We may have one more season of mini Dachshund pups and then will be retiring those dogs.  That will be in the summer. 

Cockatiels:  New babies handfeeding now.  White and yellow available.  $250 each.  Not dna sexed.

Picture shown is not the actual birds, it is a pic of past birds.  

Conures:  .One greencheek ready now.  Needs some taming.  Dna tested male.  $275

Macaws:  No macaws available now.  Prices have risen considerably.  Watch for updates.

Ringnecks:  I have two female grey IRN handfeeding now.  Ready in about 4 weeks.  $725 each.

One adult BF amazon, unknown age but probably more than 20 years , in good condition.  Tame and says a few words.  One wing is pinioned and he is flightless.