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Site updated October 3rd 2020.

Due to constant requests to sell birds before they are weaned I am no longer going to advertise babies that are not close to being weaned.

All customers will need to wait till birds are weaned in full to pick up.

I will advertise on Kijiji and possibly on here about a week before weaning.

The same thing is happening with pups so I will advertise them when they are vet checked and ready to go to prevent people from reserving too early.  Sometimes a pup has something wrong and its not detectable till its walking or eating.

Thank you for understanding.  

We still do bird grooming and boarding.  Call me.  Most times people bring the birds here as I am quite busy.  Charge is $10 and up for grooming, ask for a price for boarding.

I  have 1 parent raised male lory ready to go now.  It is about 7 months old now.  Not tame.  No shipping, sorry, however there are pet delivery services that drive to pick up if needed.

Macaws:  No macaws available now.