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Site updated on  Feb 18th, 2019.

In addition to raising parrots we also do parrot grooming. This is wing trimming, beak fixing and nail trimming. Any size of parrot.  Price is $5 to $15 depending on difficulty.     I  do DNA testing through Healthgene to determine the sex of your parrot.  The price for 2019 is $40 each bird.  You will get a certificate with the results to keep.

If you are purchasing a baby parrot and want dna done on that bird it is $25 extra.  The $40 charge is for birds not hatched here. 

*****About deposits:  When you reserve a large parrot, it takes months for them to be ready.  If you are not patient and will lose interest before its ready please do not reserve.  If you decide not to take the parrot you placed the deposit on you do not get a refund.  I remove advertising and turn away other potential owners when you commit to purchase.  If you have cancelled a purchase once I will not consider you for purchasing again.*****

 Lorikeets:  We have 2 new babies from our only pair.  They will be ready in April.  $450 each and I can include Dna testing in the price.   These are green nape type Rainbow lories.  They are playful birds, can learn to talk and have special dietary needs.  Lories are messy due to wet droppings.

These birds shown are the last babies from the same parents.   New babies will look the same.  Brighter colouration comes in at maturity.

Conures:  We have some greencheek conures hatched and they will come in soon for handfeeding. 

  We have NO large parrots for sale/coming up at this time.

No macaws hidden away!  Please don't ask.  When I have parrots for sale/available to reserve I will post them on this page. 

I have a budgies ready now.  White, grey, yellow, turquoise, all white, ect.  Lavender, cinnamon, you name it!

Rehome pair:  We have a pair of peach front conures that have never bred for us available at a reasonable adoption price.  You may be able to tame them.  Ask me about fee.