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Site updated on February 19th, 2018.

In addition to raising parrots we also do parrot grooming. This is wing trimming, beak fixing and nail trimming. Any size of parrot.  Price is $5 to $15 depending on difficulty.     I  do DNA testing through Healthgene to determine the sex of your parrot.  The price for 2018 is $30 each bird.  You will get a certificate with the results to keep.

I can help you set up a bird cage with proper perches and toys, free except for a donation of a bird toy or food.

Rehome Adult Parrot:  Vinny is a male yellow nape amazon.  He is a nice quiet bird.  He can say a few words and enjoys a bath.  He can give a kiss through the bars and will step up.  I don't know his age but I assume he is around 20.  Price negotiable.  

This African grey baby is spoken for but I may have more.  Watch for updates.

Greencheek Conures:  I have some babies handfeeding in cinnamon, pineapple and normal colour.  $125 to $200.  

We have some peachfront conure handfeeding now.  3 available.  $200 each.  Ready in March.

 I have lots of budgies.  Come over and pick some out.  I have pale violet/yellow, green/yellow and grey.

Scarlet macaws are laying eggs so they may hatch around the end of February.   It takes about 16 weeks for chicks to fully wean.  That means they go home in June.  We may also have blue and gold macaws, hybrids and greenwings.  Macaws of all species are $2500 each.  Deposit required to reserve one.