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Site updated on July 15th, 2017

In addition to raising parrots we also do parrot grooming. This is wing trimming, beak fixing and nail trimming. Any size of parrot.  Price is $5 to $15 depending on difficulty.     I  do DNA testing through Healthgene to determine the sex of your parrot.  The price for 2017 is $30 each bird.  You will get a certificate with the results to keep.

I can help you set up a bird cage with proper perches and toys, free except for a donation of a bird toy or food.


We have one dachshund pups available.  Its a male with dapple spots and white markings.  He will be ready in mid August.  $700

Cuban Amazon:  I have a very rare cuban amazon male ready soon.  $2500 or best offer.  These are a small, very colourful amazon.

Cockatiels ready now in lutino looks female

Greencheeks:  I have some normal greencheeks ready now.   $125  One cinnamon ready now $125 not handtame.  One blackcap conure male with Dna paper, not handtame. $150

Macaws:  All macaws are $2500 each regardless of species.  Scarlet macaws, males and females ready this fall.  

One male blackcapped conure ready now.  Not hand tame.  $175.  Comes with dna paper.

I have 2 yellow faced budgies available and this handsome grey/white wing bird.  $20 each for the yellow face and $25 for this grey.

One new violet budgie available.  $25

Turacos:  We have a pair of beautiful green crested Turacos for sale.  These are fruit eating birds, they swallow small pieces of fruit whole.  They need a good sized cage.   2 years old.  $1500 or best offer.