Windsong Aviary & Poodles

We Raise Awesome Birds and Adorable Poodles!

Site updated on June 23rd, 2018.

In addition to raising parrots we also do parrot grooming. This is wing trimming, beak fixing and nail trimming. Any size of parrot.  Price is $5 to $15 depending on difficulty.     I  do DNA testing through Healthgene to determine the sex of your parrot.  The price for 2018 is $30 each bird.  You will get a certificate with the results to keep.

I can help you set up a bird cage with proper perches and toys, free except for a donation of a bird toy or food.

Stud Service:  Axel is grown up now and is probably able to provide stud service to female dogs around the same size or smaller than him.  He is a mini sized poodle.  He has a very nice coat and has fathered several nice, healthy pups.  He is not registered.   Ask me for info.  Fee applies.

Blue headed pionus parrots are spoken for.

Cockatiels:  I have several new babies.   White, yellow, and whiteface.  I have one pearl ready now, I think its male.  Not all that handtame so open to offers.

Greencheek Conures:  New greencheek babies.  Yellowside, green (normal) and cinnamon.  I have 2 normal greens ready now.  

Lots of colourful budgies ready now.  Purple, yellowface, yellow, grey, ect.   Blue, cinnamon.  

Macaws:  We have one young scarlet macaw male available, ready in September.  We also have one greenwing macaw female available.  This macaw was a slow grower and is about 2 weeks behind the others but seems to be coming along well.   Contact me to reserve.  Deposit is required to hold.  Deposits are non refundable if you cancel the purchase.

If the bird was not suitable for sale due to health reasons deposit would be refunded.  

Amazons:  We may have some hybrid amazons due to hatch any day now.  They are yellow shoulder/yellow nape hybrids.  These are highly intelligent and excellent talkers. 

Please be aware all parrots can make noise which may annoy you, your inlaws or your neighbours.  If you don't have a space that can accommodate a noisy pet please don't buy one!